Ilse de Ziah plays a cross genre style, and throughout her career has developed and expanded the role of the cello in Irish music and other genres. Her mission is to expand the solo cello repertoire with beautiful and challenging yet playable music.

Play Cello Music offers sheet music for solo cello which you can download. All arrangements and compositions are beautifully presented. The single pieces and book compilations are a great resource of solo cello music to perform and study. There are Irish arrangements and solo cello versions of favourite pieces from opera to popular music. Most pieces have a preview and a link to listen so you find what you are looking for. You can also find links to video tutorials, duets, quartet and ensemble pieces. 

De Ziah and many other cellists around the world have performed all the arrangements and compositions with positive reactions at concerts and even winning awards in competitions.

The music can benefit you by offering:

  • Fast improvement of technique
  • Interesting music that sounds complete whilst playing on your own
  • A solo performance repertoire
  • Solo sheet music arrangements that offer double stops and open string combinations that will improve your intonation
  • Confidence building through having great sounding pieces to perform in any situation
  • Video examples that make it easy for you to preview the sound of the cello playing the pieces
  • Irish and other sheet music arrangements that have never been arranged for solo cello before
  • Easy buy and instant download of cello sheet music with Paypal and most cards
  • Cello lessons and video tutorials available in the Play Cello Music Academy

Be inspired by the sheet music and start your cello journey here!

Find exciting cello sheet music here!


Boost Confidence and Skills with Cello Club Membership | Play Cello Music

Perhaps you’ve already taken a few cello lessons and learned the fundamentals…

Are you looking to pick up the cello again after many years? Do you want to start back where you left off? Are you an amateur or professional cellists needing a boost of confidence? Do you get crippled with nerves at the thought of playing in public? Whatever your starting point, if you are playing the cello, you might relate to one of the following…

  • You want more confidence to play for your partner, friends and family

  • You have the goal of playing in front of an audience in an orchestra, ensemble, solo concert, trad or jam session

  • You want to create your own arrangements like you’ve heard your favourite musicians do

  • You want to experience the simple satisfaction of playing in tune, relaxed and with a great tone

  • More than anything… you have a desire to be a better cellist!

  • Expand your Cello Horizons; Play, Be Inspired, Get Motivated, Be Social, Love Cello

See What the Cello Club can offer you!


Join Ilse at Patreon and support her as she arranges and composes and uploads her videos to YouTube. Receive every new solo cello arrangement as it is released, and follow Ilse’s journey.

Visit Ilse’s YouTube Channel to watch videos of solo cello sheet music, compositions and arrangements. Watch and decide which piece you want to buy in the Play Cello Music Store

Find out more about Ilse de Ziah on her website!

See what Ilse’s Award Winning Film Living the Tradition is all about.

Check out Musicnotes sheet music store where Ilse de Ziah is a Signature Artist with her solo cello covers of popular songs and instrumentals.





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