Guard Of The Dream

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Composed for Solo Cello by Ilse de Ziah

Intermediate – Advanced players

7 mins.

On the edge of our town in County Cork, by the marshland, is a beautiful feather statue which was created by local artist Alex Pentek, commissioned by the town as a thank you to the Chocktaw Nation people who 170 years ago, in a time of their own suffering, donated $170 to Ireland during the famine. In May last year I was on the Midleton Arts Festival team and for the festival I organised a huge drumming event to gather the community together and to bring awareness to the story and the sculpture. It was a powerful and moving event.

The sculpture is made up of 9 feathers shaped as a bowl. It looks like they are not only waiting to be filled with drumming and music, but also standing guard to protect the memories and dreams of the past, present and the future. The community gathering, the sculpture and the Chocktaw story inspired me to write this piece.

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  1. Kate Shortt
    January 11, 2018

    Beautiful Ilse. An inspiring story to go with an inspired piece and performance. Congratulations!
    Kate xxx


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