Éamonn a’ Chnuic Ned of The Hill


The videos are HD720p quality and high quality stereo sound

The package contains:

  • A play-through of the piece on video with scrolling music displayed at the bottom of the screen as the music is played.
  • Lesson videos with scrolling music as everything is shown and explained. Usually in two sections although sometimes three, depending on the length of the music.
  • Detailed explanations of bowing, fingerings, positions and invaluable advice
  • Display of bowing and fingering and scrolling music
  • mp3 of the music
  • Sheet music of the music in pdf format that you can print
  • The downloads vary in size and can be up to 350MB in three parts: zipped file of the videos, sheet music and mp3.

The video tutorials will help you play the music more accurately and make your ability to perform the piece more achievable.




The video performance on this page is from the film  "Living the Tradition" and is not the tutorial video.


  1. Marilyn Heaps
    June 8, 2023

    I am looking for the sheet music that I can download and copy of Eamonn an Chnoic (Ned of the hill) for solo cello – intermediate level. Do you have this available for purchase?

    1. Ilse
      June 12, 2024

      Eamonn á Chnoic is part of the Irish Airs for Solo Cello book. You can buy it here as a download https://store.playcellomusic.com/p/dlj6y4/


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