The Anniversary Waltz

Composed by Ilse de Ziah

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Intermediate & advanced version included

3 mins.

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I wrote The Anniversary Waltz for the Magnificent Marriage of Sylvia & Bob. Their wedding anniversary falls on Summer Solstice and it was composed as a gift from Bob to Sylvia. I played it for them via the internet at their celebration. I was looking for a way to express the feeling of a full heart of love and a strong and loving connection between two people, and tie it in with the high point of the Summer Solstice. To find the melody I spent many hours walking and humming up the hills of East Cork, and inspired by the summer bursting out of the hedges and trees, the sun powerful and beaming down, and the exquisite country green aromas, a melody formed.

There are two versions here, the one of the recording and a version where the last section is down the octave. This gives people who don’t play above fourth position to be able to play this relatively simple melody. This tune has already been played in sessions and the low version is great for this, and easy to teach by ear. The high version will suit performing live with accompaniment. The guitar chords are included so you can play with a guitarist or pianist who reads chords, or alternatively a second cello could simply play the root notes of each chord.

Romantic, summery and lyric

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