The Canon

Solo Cello-pdf-3 pages-Intermediate

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Pachelbel’s Canon; written in 1694, first published in 1919, first recorded 1940. Pachelbel, renowned in his day, remained forgotten for centuries, and most of his highly regarded music has been lost. So many people have recorded and altered, fooled with and fumbled through this piece that it is almost crazy to do yet another version… but in honour of Pachelbel’s lost works and great skills, I dedicate this solo cello version of not a canon Canon. I hope he would have enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed working with his music! Add to the classic chord changes, sweet lines and plangent melodies the swing of Irish trad, in the form of Pachlebel’s frolics, and you have “The Canon”
This piece can be played as a recital piece, for weddings, or in a trad. session. The first page is mostly classical sounding with rich harmonies and double stops, the second page is Pachelbel’s frolic, the traditional Irish tune, and the 3rd page to the end starts to rock out! You can play this piece as a whole epic, or just play the separate parts as shorter versions.

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  3. Jacques
    January 31, 2015

    Love this piece


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