The Revenant

Sheet Music pdf

The Main Theme from The Revenant is haunting and lends itself beautifully as a solo cello arrangement. The harmonies of the ‘suffering’ chords evoke a powerful tension that is released by the harmonics which represent the icy wind.

The technique of playing with a full sound using double stops, and then alternating with a ghostly ponticello bowing creates a haunting effect. The arrangement goes up to 5th position on the cello and although the piece is generally not difficult, it takes a little practice to alternate the styles of bowing technique. Very good for practicing bow control in an enjoyable and challenging manner! It is in the same key as the original so it is possible to play along with the soundtrack. This also will help to get the original timing and then discover your own feel for the music.

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  1. Theresa Otto
    January 2, 2017

    I am having so much fun playing Ilse’s music; Thank You!


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