Video Tutorials for Irish Airs

A collection of ten high quality lessons to help you learn how to play the airs from the book Irish Airs for Solo Cello by Ilse de Ziah. Innovative music reading software makes for easy to follow music, and clear direction from Ilse helps you play these ten Irish Airs in a traditional sounding way. Each video is split into two or three shorter video for ease of concentration and clarity. The ten airs are composed and arranged by Ilse based on original Irish airs, with ornamentation and variations written out. The videos will guide you towards developing ten enjoyable performance pieces to present on solo cello.

The videos are HD720p quality and high quality stereo sound (better than the YouTube sample)

Each package contains:

  • A video play-through of each piece with highlighted, scrolling music displayed at the bottom of the screen as the music is played;
  • A video of each lesson, in two or three sections, depending on the length and form of the music;
  • Detailed explanations of bowing, fingerings, positions, ornamentation, and other invaluable advice;
  • Separate displays of bowing and of fingering, with scrolling music displayed as everything is shown and explained;
  • mp3 of the music;
  • Sheet music in pdf format that you can print;
  • Zipped file of the videos, sheet music and mp3. Downloads vary in size, and can be up to 350MB.


We have posted sound files on this page so you can hear the music before choosing and buying, and the YouTube video trailer gives you an idea of what the videos look like.

If you already bought the Irish Airs Cello Book, let us know and we will check your purchase against our database and send you a selection of music from the upcoming new “Session Tunes for Irish Cello” book with your first video tutorial purchase.


 Carrickfergus: video tutorials, sheet music and mp3                                                

€20.00 27’52”

 Buachaill Ó’ N Éirne (Boy From Ireland): video tutorials,sheet music and mp3  

€20.00 28’08”

Aisling An Óigfhir (Young Man’s Dream): video tutorials, sheet music and mp3 

€20.00 16’40”

Amhrán na Leabhar (Song of the Books): video tutorials, sheet music and mp3

€20.00 21’34”

Fanny Power – O’Carolan: video tutorials, sheet Music and mp3                           

€20.00 22’43”

 Cape Clear: video tutorials, sheet music and mp3                                                      

€20.00 19’05”

Down By The Sally Gardens: video tutorials, sheet music and mp3                  

€20.00 22’36”

Éamonn a’ Chnuic (Ned of the Hill): video tutorials, sheet music and mp3    

€10.00 21’10”

A Stór Mo Chroí (Treasure Of My Heart): video tutorials, sheet music and mp3 

€20.00 20’23”

Inch Strand: video tutorials, sheet music and mp3                                                            

€20.00 15’36”

You may also be interested in the documentary: “Living the Tradition” that follows Ilse around Ireland as she explores the origins of the Airs.

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