Video Tutorials

The following products are tutorial videos with detailed instructions on playing the piece.

Click on the links below to visit the specific product page for more detailed info.

You won’t find better tutorials on the web. We spent a lot of time tweaking for the best and clearest method of showing you how to play the cello music on offer.

Detailed instruction with sheet music displayed, bowing and fingering shown and explained.

You will be playing these pieces in no time at all with Ilse showing you how it is done. Lot’s of great cello playing advice included in the videos that you will be able to use to expand your skills.

Misty Mountains with video tutorials
Sheet music and detailed video tutorials included. This is a beautiful version for solo cello. It is easy and enjoyable to play. The dark chant mood is perfect for the tonality of the cello. Read more…..
Price: €20.00
Irish Airs Video Tutorials
The 10 Airs from the book Irish Airs for Solo Cello with video tutorials. The videos have detailed instruction on playing the Airs. The videos are HD720p quality and high quality stereo sound. Pack includes videos, sheet music and mp3 Find out more…..








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