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Trad on Cello ebook
Trad on Cello is a collection of twenty Irish traditional session tunes with a guide on how to play them. Loosely graded from easy to difficult, the tunes are arranged in groups or ‘sets’ of two or three, designed to be linked as is the custom in traditional Irish sessions. Read more…..
Price: €25.00
Bach Air on a G String
Solo Cello-pdf-1 Page. Bach's Air was the first piece by Bach to be recorded. It was recorded by the Russian cellist Aleksandr Verzhbilovich and an unknown pianist, in 1902. Read more…..
Price: €3.00
The Canon
Pachelbel's Canon; written in 1694, first published in 1919, first recorded 1940. Pachelbel, renowned in his day, remained forgotten for centuries, and most of his highly regarded music has been lost. So many people have recorded and altered, fooled with and fumbled through this piece that it is almost crazy to do yet another version... Read more…..
Price: €5.00
Casadh an tSúgáin
Casadh an tSúgáin
A beautiful air sung by Iarla Ó Lionáird in the film "Brooklyn". It has often been recorded and performed, and usually with a lilting flow.Read more…..
Price: €5.00
Czardas was written in 1904 by Italian composer Vittorio Monti. It is based on a Hungarian Csárdás. This arrangement includes parts of the original piano accompaniment by using extra rhythmic bars, double stops and left hand pizzicato. Read more…..
Price: €3.00
College Groves
College Groves - solo cello- pdf - 2 pages - also known by many other names; The New Demesne, College Grove, The Millstone. The oldest source for this tune is in O'Neills Music of Ireland in 1903. Read more…..
Price: €3.00
Erster Verlust
Solo Cello-Erster Verlust first inspired me when I heard a recording of Ian Bostridge singing it. I thought it would suit the cello perfectly. Read more..... 
Price: €3.00
Earthly Treasures
This original piece for cello and piano was written for a beautiful dance film by Irish choreographer Tina Horan Read More....
Price: €5.00
Mariage d'Amour
Written in 1978 and first performed by pianist Richard Clayderman for whom Senneville wrote around 400 pieces. He also composed many songs for movie sound tracks. Read more…..
Price: €5.00
Nessun Dorma
This version for solo cello is a reduction of the vocal part and the orchestral accompaniment. There are many double stops and rich harmonies. It is arranged in the opriginal key of G major, which suits the cello as the open G and D strings can be utilized for ease of double stopping. Read more…..
Price: €3.00
The Revenant
The Main Theme from The Revenant is haunting and lends itself beautifully as a solo cello arrangement. The harmonies of the ‘suffering’ chords evoke a powerful tension that is released by the harmonics which represent the icy wind. Read more…..
Price: €5.00
Solace in Darkness
Solo cello - pdf - 3 pages. Solace in Darkness is a strong, intense and exciting piece to play. It is dark, with a powerful surging light shining through. Read more…..
Price: €5.00
Tam Lin
Tam Lin is also known as The Glasgow Reel and is often played in sessions first in D minor then in A minor. Read More....
Price: €5.00
Wedding Music for Solo Cello
This collection of 10 pieces is ideal for playing at weddings. In every cellists life there comes a time when you will be asked to play at a wedding, now you can easily say YES! Read more…..
Price: €22.00
When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
Solo Cello - pdf - 3 pages This solo cello version of the lighthearted 'When Irish Eyes are Smiling' has a lively arpeggiated variation, a satisfying key change and is enjoyable to play.Read more…..
Price: €3.00